What does it mean to be an owner?

Cooperative Ownership

You could own the Grocery and be part of the decision-making process

Benefits of being an owner


As an owner, you have one vote. You will have the opportunity to use that vote as we are in the planning stages of the Grocery to decide the location and services the Grocery will offer. You can use that vote at the annual meeting in October to vote for the Board of Directors and other Grocery decisions.


Our cooperative values include education. As Owners, we will learn together how to build the Grocery so it serves our needs. Owners will have the opportunity to learn about cooperative business models, the importance of local investing and a local economy, building community wealth and much more.


Opportunity to earn money based on the amount of shopping you do at the Grocery, but patronage refunds and dividends are at the discretion of the Grocery’s Board of Directors. In its initial years, the Grocery will likely need to retain all patronage to thrive as a sustainable business.

So Are You Ready To Become An Owner?

All you need to do is:

  • 1. fill out the quick form below

  • 2. agree to our owner agreement

  • 3. make your ownership investment


When Open The Community Grocery will have two classes of owners:

These different classes of owners have different voting rights, patronage shares, and governance rights based on the amount of business done by and through the Cooperative.

Consumer Owner

This is most of us! If you just want to shop at the grocery store, you’re a consumer owner. Consumer Owners may be either natural persons or legal entities. All-natural persons or legal entities who elect to become Consumer Owners must sign a consumer- owner contract and pay a ownership fee set by the Board. The owner who signs the agreement is the person who will have voting rights in the cooperative. Consumer Owners will receive patronage dividends dependent on the amount of business done by and through the Cooperative.

Worker Owner

Worker Owners must be natural persons. In order to be an effective Worker Owner who shares responsibility for the Cooperative, an employee requires a substantial amount of training and time working at the Cooperative. As a condition precedent to applying for Worker Owner status, that person must work for the Cooperative for 18 months for at least 20 hours per week, including approved vacation, sick, or other paid leave. All employees who elect to become Worker Owners must sign a worker-owner contract and pay the ownership fee set by the board. After receiving worker ownership status, Worker Owners may receive patronage dividends dependent on the amount of business done by and through the Cooperative.

Become An Owner

Become An Owner

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Additional Household Members

  • *If you have economic barriers to ownership, you can choose to pay in five (5) installments of $30. If you are a senior (65+), a youth (under 25), or unemployed, disabled, a SNAP or EBT user, or systemically disadvantaged, you are invited to select a subsidized Advantage Share for one payment of $25 - no questions asked. Advantage Shares have all the same benefits of Ownership as the standard priced shares!
    Each $125 matches a discounted $25 ownership fee for a low barrier Advantage owner.
  • Collecting this data gives us the potential to be eligible to receive special grants and government support. Choose the range that best fits your household, if you feel comfortable.
  • Let us know how our outreach is doing!

Are you able to make a larger investment to accelerate our store opening?

We’re raising $1 million from our owners who would like to offer us a loan of $2000 or more.