Words of Wisdom with Delores Banks-Butler – LCG board PRESIDENT

DATE: March 2, 2021

Welcome to another week, and another edition of Words of Wisdom with Delores Banks-Butler, our newly elected board PRESIDENT.

Delores’ original poetry and selected poems and songs are inspired by her love of her family and community in Louisville’s West End, as well as her strong Christian faith.

Words of Wisdom with Delores Bank-Butler of Louisville's West End Russell neighborhood

Words of Wisdom with Delores Banks-Butler

When God created man and woman, he placed them in the garden.

A beautiful colorful atmosphere of peace and paradise. A place where

They could enjoy the fresh and healthy foods that God created on this earth.

God knew that our bodies needed the proper healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables in order to survive from the beginning of time.  The mission of the Louisville Community Grocery is to build a cooperatively grocery store that supports the local economy with healthy affordable food through just and equitable food practices.

As President of the Louisville Community Grocery, my vision is for the organization to bring and provide  economic growth to the West end community and it’s neighborhood. To supply our community with a store that will offer healthy home grown foods from our local farmers here in Kentucky. 

I am excited to be an owner in this great movement for positive change in our community.

I am so glad to be a part of a Co-op grocery store that is member owned. This grocery store

will help build health and bring wealth in our community.

Come join me on this mission to provide our community with the healthy foods our community 


I am reminded of an excerpt of a poem by Helen H. Moore:


Grow Food, Grow Food

It’s get up and go food

Grow food is food

That is healthy to eat

That helps us grow strong

From our head to our feet


Feeling inspired to join the movement?

Become an owner of the grocery today, in just two minutes! Click here to join today.

Did you enjoy this song chosen by Delores Banks-Butler? Delores was recently featured by Russell Place of Promise hereDelores Banks-Butler (President) is a proud Russell Community resident. She realizes the importance of a healthy food store in our West End neighborhoods. She is presently working to achieve knowledge and awareness in our community for the need for healthy eating and nutrition for our neighborhoods. She believes knowledge is power- and we all need one another to accomplish the goal for the people who live in our West End communities. Let us work together to make it happen- We are better together! Delores is a graduate of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth’s 2019 Organizing Academy and  is putting her organizing skills to work for the Co-op. You can hear her voice in our Ownership Video!

See you next week for another edition of Words of Wisdom with Delores Banks-Butler.