Why a Cooperative Grocery Store?

We are pooling together our resources to fuel a new business in the community, with you.

Picture this:

you and your neighbors recognize a need that isn’t being met in your community,

Whether it be groceries, child care, home and lawn care, or housing services, you and your neighbors recognize a need that isn’t being met in your community. So, you and your neighbors decide to take matters into your own hands. You pool together your resources to fuel a new business in the community. But not only do you fuel it, you own it and have a continued say in the future of the business. This is a cooperative.

Cooperatives are businesses voluntarily owned and governed by the community they serve.

Any business can have a cooperative model, from a supermarket to a bank to a media network. Usually, individuals become owners by making a one-time equitable investment.

Everyone in the community will be welcome at the grocery store, but its operations will be governed by the member-owners and they will reap benefits for investing in their community.

Sell fresh, high quality, affordable food and other products

  • Operate in a cooperative manner that is responsive to community needs
  • Support local agriculture and businesses
  • Provide jobs with fair wages for neighborhood residents
  • Create a community space where neighbors come together
  • Promote healthy choices by providing cooking and nutrition classes

Example of a Cooperative

New Roots, based in Louisville, KY, utilizes the cooperative model to organize Fresh Stop Markets in areas with limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Click here to learn more about New Roots, their model, and the work they are doing across Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Another example of a cooperative that operates on a larger scale is Ocean Spray Cranberries. A cooperative since its birth, Ocean Spray’s cooperative status offers protection to its employees and the community members whose livelihoods exist around cranberry bogs. Members have been able to vote against folding the company into PepsiCo and also been able to exercise their voting rights to make Ocean Spray a more environmentally friendly company.