No matter your strengths, skills, or passions we need you!

Help to get our grocery store open

We are a community.

 No matter your strengths, skills, or passions we need you! As volunteers we do everything from tabling at community events, to helping execute events of our own, communications and administrative work.

Louisville Community Grocery volunteers are working hard to get our grocery store open! Let us know if you’d like to participate on one of the following teams: 

Ownership & Outreach

Media, events, and relationships with neighbors

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Store design, products, staffing


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Project Development


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Finance & Fundraising

Raise capital to build our store

Meets every other Monday 7pm

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Market Innovations

Pop-Up Markets & DeliUp!


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Whether you want to volunteer once or regularly, fill out our volunteer form to tell us a little bit about yourself, including your strengths and how you want to get involved. Not ready to commit yet? That’s okay! Still fill out the form, let us know you’d like more information or to be updated when future volunteer opportunities become available and we’ll connect with you.

Please Join us!

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  • *The Louisville Community Grocery is taking necessary safety precautions during the pandemic to insure the safety of our staff and volunteers*

Volunteer Opportunitiees

LCG Events – Event planning and promoting


 Canvassing, Owner Recruitment, Connecting with Partner Organizations


Communications, Marketing,  Owner Engagement

Deli Up – Prepared Meal Program.

Pop Up – Retail pop up grocery markets.

Community Newsletter – Journalism; Interviews; Article writing; Photography; Leadership opportunities; Artists/ Illustrators; Content creators.