No matter your strengths, skills, or passions we need you!

Help to get our grocery store open

We are a community.

 No matter your strengths, skills, or passions we need you! As volunteers we do everything from tabling at community events, to helping execute events of our own, communications and administrative work.

Louisville Community Grocery volunteers are working hard to get our grocery store open! Let us know if you’d like to participate on one of the following opportunities: 

Volunteer Needs

Pop Ups and Deli Up

Pumkins, squash, pop up

Popup Volunteer Positions

Pop ups are our way of showing up in the community with groceries. take a look at some of the tasks for volunteers:

Buyer – This person contacts farmers, vendors and distributors a week ahead of the event and purchases goods according to an allotted budget. Delivery and receiving must be accounted for when purchasing. As of now, all produce is to be received on the day of the event. The position benefits from some external coordination.

Truck Prep – This team loads and unloads the truck with everything that is required, except for fresh produce. All new non-perishable inventory should be received, entered in the POS, and in the truck before events. The truck should be staged and ready for the setup team the day before. It should be cleared out the day after events.

Setup – The setup team is responsible for taking the truck to the location & setting up the tents, tables & POS and other equipment. The team will receive produce and enter it in the POS. The popup should be ready for sales when the setup team is done.

Bagger – The bagger stands behind the table, puts groceries in bags for customers and answers their questions. The bagger leaves the bagged groceries with the cashier for checkout. Longer orders should be written down.

Cashier – The cashier rings up the bagged orders. The cashier uses Square on an iPad, a scale, the cash drawer, and a card reader to complete sales. The cashier also takes care of the donation jar, merchandise and ownership forms.

Closer/Breakdown -The closing team is responsible for taking the tents down, putting everything back in the truck and returning the truck to the grocery office. The perishable items will be saved or donated to a partner organization. Cleanup and restore venue/grounds by removing all debris and trash.



Email: info@lace.coop                   Phone: 502-252-1713

The Deli UP! Program


The Deli UP! Program aims to create a range of nutritious grab and go deli foods to be sold at the Upcoming Louisville Community Grocery. In order to do that we need to know which food our community is the most interested in eating and purchasing. In order to find out we will be holding a series (10) of tasting events throughout the community over the course of the year. 

We will be working with different community partners to host these events and we need some help! The best part about coming to Volunteer for us is that you will be able to get some of our delicious food to try for yourself!   


Volunteers will be needed to help:

  • Set-up
  • Collect registration information from guests 
  • Hand out promotional material,
  • Explain some aspects of the program 
  • Coordinate time slots with the guests so that we can move people in and out of the venue
  • Take down/clean


Program Manager: Lachlan Cairns  

Email: lachlan.cairns@lace.coop                     Phone: 502-714-3135


Street Team

Digital and In-Person

Ownership & Outreach

Recruiting owners, neighborhood canvassing, connecting with partner organizations, tabling at events.


info@lace.coop         502-252-1713