Spicy Fridays with Lynn Quire: Ginger Bug Probiotic Drink image

Spicy Fridays with Lynn Quire: Ginger Bug Probiotic Drink

DATE: March 26, 2021

What the Heck is a Ginger Bug Probiotic Drink??

ginger illustration by lynn quire

Welcome to another edition of Spicy Fridays with Lynn Quire! Ginger (Zingiber officinale), a common spice in most kitchens today was considered a luxury more than 5,000 years ago. We love finding ways to bring herbs and spices into our every day lives – why drink some canned “ginger ale” when you can get some extra nutritional benefits in your treats via things like… ginger bug probiotic drink?


Ginger Bug

According to Nourished Kitchen, “a ginger bug is a wild-fermented starter culture made with sugar, ginger and water. It takes about a little less than a week of daily diligence to make one, and you can use it to make probiotic, naturally bubbly soft drinks, sodas, herbal beers and tonics.” Click here for their awesome recipe – the image below is one of their photos.

Our Spicy Fridays expert Lynn also loves Wellness Mama’s recipe. From Wellness Mama:

The recipe we use is an adaption of the recipe in Nourishing Traditions (p. 591) and is the culture we use for all homemade sodas. There is also an easier way to make soda that doesn’t require a ginger bug if you prefer to skip this step, but to make an authentic soda, the bug is needed.

Take a look at both recipes and give one (or both!) a try – a refreshing and healthy beverage as we start to feel spring in the air.

ginger bug

Thank you for joining us for Spicy Fridays with Lynn Quire: Ginger Bug Probiotic Drink



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