It all started with a shared belief: access to healthy food is a human right.

In 2015 we came together with a mission to open a community-owned grocery store.

A group of food justice advocates began exploring the possibility of a cooperative grocery to serve Louisville, Kentucky’s urban neighborhoods. What started as a shared belief turned into a mission to open a community-owned grocery store, through a cooperative business model.

“We believe a community’s self-reliance is essential to an equitable food system and that our community grocery should be a place where everyone feels welcome, owner and non-owner alike.”


In 2016, we talked to hundreds of our neighbors.

We brought people together at community meetings and events, while collecting and analyzing data about people’s shopping habits. We researched cooperative grocery stores in cities similar to Louisville, and we captured media attention.

Then, in 2017, we incorporated a non-profit, Louisville Association for Community Economics to foster the growth of community-owned initiatives in Louisville. We believe cooperative economics can transform our community, and the Louisville Community Grocery is LACE’s first project.


Today we are still working hard towards our goal

of opening a community grocery store.

We have worked with community members, U of L’s School of Business, and neighborhood organizations to research potential neighborhoods for the community grocery. We have held community events and begun outreach campaigns to educate the community about cooperatives.


What’s left to do?

A lot! How can you help? We are looking for volunteers to help with outreach events, engagement at our community meetings, and individuals to invest in the community grocery by supporting our efforts. We hope you’ll join us on our mission!